Friday 29 July 2011

Chester BUF Militia

In 1938 (Very British Civil War) the paramilitary forces of the British Union of Fascists is not as uniformed and united as Mosley's government would like us to believe. It is essentially split into two forces, the BUF Legion, who are centrally controlled and supplied, and resemble something similar to a conventional military force, and the BUF Militia, who are created locally and under the control of the local party leaders.
This picture is of the members of the Chester BUF Militia. They have been supplied by local business man and BUF Member of Parliament Sir Charles Robinson MP, who has contacts in the Nationalist government in Spain and has managed to buy up some surplus weaponry captured from the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War.
Robinson sees his BUF Militia as his own private army, and resents the intrusion of the Manchester BUF Legion in is own little war. This has lead to tension between the two factions, and it is only with great reluctance that Robinson has placed his troops under the command of Captain Webster of the BUF Legion.

These figures are made by Empress Miniatures as part of their Spanish Civil War range. I don't confess to be an expert of the period, but I think they are Nationalist troops. I have painted them as my British Union Of Fascists militia by giving them the obligatory black shirts. I kept the colour scheme simple, and found that I knocked out these five in just two evenings- something of a record for me- a damn site quicker than my other BUF uniform.

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