Friday 1 July 2011

Pictish Warriors

The Picts are a savage race to who dwell in the forested lands west of Hyboria. They are a cruel and debased race, and the soldiers of the civilised lands have to be constantly vigilant or these barbaric tribesmen will sweep across the Border Lands to destroy and consume all that civilised men hold dear.

These figures are Confrontation Kelts and represent the start of a warband for that game, which explains their 25mm bases. I have painted them with black hair so that they can also represent the savage Pictish warriors in my Conan campaign.

Originally I had planed to get these fellows quickly painted so that I can get them into use, and to spend a longer time painting my Griffin Warband really well. Once I started though, I found that they were such lovely models that it seemed a shame not to spend the time painting them as well as I can.
I think it is a great pity that Rackham no longer make these wonderful minis, and instead I have to hunt around for them on Ebay an the likes.


Smillie said...

Nice work, I like the blue tribal markins

pulpcitizen said...

Looking great; I must get started on those Devourers; or Wolfen; or Mid nor dwarves; or Cynwall elves; or, or...