Friday 30 September 2011

VBCW Card stock Terrace Houses

I have been on the look out for an inexpensive way to represent industrial towns like Ellesmere Port and Birkenhead in my VBCW games. Warbases make one in MDF, but I need loads- enough for a 2 foot by 4 fot are at least, and the cost of the Warbases models is just too much for what I had in mind. To solve this problem I ordered ModelBuilder by Evan Models form America. ModelBuilder is a program that let's you design, print off and build your own buildings.
Here are a couple of pictures of my 28mm scale terrace house prototype. The program is very versatile and can make models in various scales. I have been working on some 15mm buildings for my 15mm Zombie Apocalypse games too.


The Haggis said...

I'd love to know more about this program? Did you have to start from scratch or does it have "British" style buildings to begin with?

Rob Bresnen said...

You can build absolutly anything- you just pick your material, pick the size (in inches, cm or true scale equiverlants), then add doors, windows etc. It really is simple- You can import other jpeg's too- I might try adding posters to the walls etc. The company is Evan Designs- they have a link to a vidio tutorial on thier website that shows how easy it is.

Modest Miniatures said...

Lovely job there chap. I've never really been tempted by the printable buildings before, preferring to keep things in 3D. However, your building is an inspiration and I would love to see the completed project.