Saturday 17 September 2011

Mmmm...Tiny Brains....

I have been rather busy of late, getting my VBCW brigade ready for the next Big Game in Evesham in October (I will post pictures of some of the new VBCW stuff soon), but I have found time to add a few more zeds to my growing (or should that be groaning?) horde of 15mm zombies from Rebel Miniatures. I think I have got much better at painting them, as I am starting to get used to the smaller scale figures.

This larger zombie-lady is a stripey summer dress.

The vertical stripes are quite slimming.

A couple of unfortunates seen at the local mall.

This is my favorite. This victim was still in bed when he was attacked. Mercifully for us he was in his PJ's.

As you can see, these zombies are basically the same model twice over- The pack of zombies has 22 figures in it, with 11 unique sculpts. I bought two packs, so I have four of each figure in my horde. I have been careful to paint them differently, so they stand out as individuals.

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