Wednesday 31 August 2011

tiny 15mm Zombie Apocolyps

Sometimes the madness grips you and you just have to buy the latest shiny thing you have found, regardless of how practical this is. That's my excuse for embarking on yet another side project.

The other night, while looking for some stuff for my Flames of War army, I accidentally stumbled upon Rebel Miniatures, a US based manufactures producing odd 15mm figures, and I was particularly drawn to their 15mm modern zombie range. Now that obvious advantage of 15mm for zombies is that you can get an absolutely massive horde painted quite quickly,and for not too much money. I promptly ordered a few packs of zombies, zombie dogs and survivors, just to see what they are like. They arrived quickly,and I set to work.

The first few looked too dirty,as I got a little heavy-handed with the ink washes- I am not used to 15mm scale, and you don't need to use as much ink to achieved the right effect. Once I got the hang of it I was quite pleased with the results. Here's some of my survivors.

Burt used to own a gun store, and his sidearm of choice is the Desert Eagle .50 - more than enough stopping power for your average zed, and intimidating enough to put off most looters too.

Tank Girl claims to have been in the military, but here extremely aggressive nature and psychotic behaviour has lead her companions to suspect that she is just some crazed paranoid survivalist.

Lobo Sanchez used to run with street gang called the Saints. Now the Saints are all dead and Sanchez is on his own. A natural killer with street sharpened reflexes- he is born to survive.

Here's a few pictures of my growing Zombie horde- some are better than the others, but I think my technique is getting better.

A suburban family

Fast and deadly- Zombie dogs are a major problem in urban areas

An assortment of Zombiefied civilians.


pulpcitizen said...

Very nicely painted mate. Will you be doing more 15mm?

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice. I struggle to paint 28mm let alone 15mm. Nice neat PJ's

Smillie said...

Nice find. Quite detailed figures considering there 15mm.