Saturday 27 August 2011

Fire Support for the Chester Milita

More reinforcements for the Chester Local Defence Force, courtesy of the Duke of Farhams contacts in the military. In this case, they bring some much needed fire support to the beleaguered militiamen.

The venerable Lewis Gun light machine gun, still widely in service in the British army, and an imported Bergman SMG add support at a squad level, while the platoon in bolstered by the addition of a Boys Anti-Tank rifle to hold off the Socialist's armoured cars.

The Lewis Gunner is by Musketeer Miniatures, with a minor conversion (i.e. the addition of a helmet from the BAM plastic Tommie's sprue). The SMG is a Black Tree Designs (I think) with a head-swap for a West Wind WW2 British Army head. The Boys Rifle team are by Musketeer Miniatures, and have not been converted.


pulpcitizen said...

More guns! Ace. :)

Deserter said...

They look great! Lovely miniatures actually - the faces seem anguished, very cool!