Wednesday 10 August 2011

True to my word, I have continued to press on with getting half finished building projects completed. This week I have been painting some factory buildings for my VBCW game. This is a warehouse that I showed as a WIP in February. Now it is complete (Yay!).
I do plan to build an urban battle field eventually, but in the mean time here it is sat in the middle of a lovely green field.

And although it was slightly less time consuming, I also built these cricket stumps. What says 1930's England more than the sound of leather of willow on a sunny summers day?

There is a cricket club at back of my house, and I could here them playing while painting the warehouse- I guess that inspired me. My son says that you only have one wicket in cricket, not two as I have made, but what do I know about cricket?

An umpire, with a rifle? That's just not cricket!

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pulpcitizen said...

Two sets of stumps (with bails) so you are fine; the wicket refers to one set of stumps and bails.