Tuesday 23 August 2011

Askari and Simba

Askari is a supervillian from East Africa, who works an an international mercenary, hiring herself out to anyone who can afford her exorbitant fees. In the past she has worked for terrorist organisations, tyrannical dictators, unscrupulous multinational corporations, organised criminal and even pirates. So long as she is paid, she will fight for anyone, regardless of their motives or methods.

Askari is a 'Feral', a rare class of super with enhances strength, toughness and reflexes, coupled with uncanny senses. She is accompanied every where by here faithful lion, Simba.

The figure for Askari is a Superfig, which I got of Leon (cheers) when he was having a bit of a clear out. I have had the lion for many years, and I have n idea who it is by (it might be Ral Patha). The lion's sculpt is quite poor, but I managed to add some shading and highlighting to add some definition where it was lacking.

1 comment:

pulpcitizen said...

They look quite the striking pair. Nice work mate. :)