Thursday 13 October 2011

The Order of Anubis Operatives: McLeod and Amelia

The Vampire community has many enemies, and their masters- the Old Bloods, although venerable and powerful, still fear the human hunters, the witches and of course, their most ancient foes, the Werewolves. Many centuries ago the Old Bloods formed an order of knights, The Order of Anubis, to watch over them, and protect them from their enemies.

The Order of Anubis still carry out their duty. Their methods and weapons might have changed, but their steely determination, relentless vigilance and deadly skills have not. Some of the order are mortals, who watch over the daytime world, when the vampires sleep, but most of the orders operatives are vampires, many of whom have centuries of experience at fighting their master's foes.

Amelia is relatively new to the Order of Anubis, having only served since the sixties. She has quickly earned a reputation as being both reliable and lethal.

McLeod is a consummate professions- a cold-hearted killer who will wait patiently for days for the right time to strike. When he does attack he is as fast and as deadly as a snake.

Amelia is by Copplestone Castings, from their Future War range. The fangs were just painted on, not sculpted. McLeod is by Heresy- He's not actually meant to be a vampire either, but I was particularly please that he had a bat on his belt buckle- a nice little detail I wasn't expecting.

These guys will from the bases of my modern vampire range, inspired by the movies Blade and Underworld (and their sequels) and by White Wolfs Gothic-punk game Vampire, the Masquerade. I am on the look out for more miniature that have the right feel for them, and will add to the range as and when I get them. They will be used in my supers RPG campaign, but if I paint up another one I could used them as Hired Guns for my necroplain team in Pulp City too.


PMMDJ said...

Ever since Vampifan (I think) did a series about an Underworld minis game, listing good vampires and werewolves, I've been tempted to start putting together something similar...

Deserter said...

These are very nice! I've wanted to pick up that Heresy figure for a while now, but unsure where to use him. He suits this role perfectly!

pulpcitizen said...

Nice work as usual Rob. An eclectic sequence of minis as ever. :)