Friday 21 October 2011

Rapid- The Most Dashing Hero In Town!

Rapid is one of the new generation of superheroes. He is young, dynamic and enthusiastic, but often acts before thinking things through, a trait which, coupled with his smart mouth, often gets him into trouble.

The tabloid press tends to have a love-hate relationship with Rapid: They praise his heroism and good looks, while at the same time are suitably outraged by his wild partying and risk taking.

Rapid remains nonplussed by the frenzy of media attention his activities often stimulate. Rapid claims that, to date, his greatest achievement was winning Spandex-Rear of the Year.

I am not sure the make of this figure. I know it was a Sandra Garity sculpt, and I got it of a guy in the USA, and that it is now out of production.

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pulpcitizen said...

Reaper minis for Guardians of Order (now defunct), from Silver Age Sentinels game/line.

Your nerdly friend. :)

Very nice BTW! :)