Friday, 10 February 2012

Knuckles the Clown

Knuckles the Clown is a circus entertainer and small time thug (small being the right word, he's only four foot tall) who got hooked up with the Killa Klown gang. He makes money from menacing shop keepers and business men, with threats of sending 'Bonzo and the boys' round to have a little fun if they don't pay up.
Knuckles preferred weapon is the brass knuckle dusters. And given his height, the chances are he's going to be punching below the belt.

I was aware of the lack of four colour content in 2012, and thought it time I added a few supers to he blog. I found this little fellow waiting to be painted (where he has been waiting for about 12 months). I painted him in about 30 minutes, just to get him finisghed- he's not the best painted figure I have ever done, but I am satisfied with him, especially when stood in with the other gang members.


MIK said...

Clowns freak me out, it's good paintjob and all, but still. Freaky.

Jay said...

Knuckles is cute...if you don't owe him any "candy".

Simon Quinton said...

Ahhhh Clowns = Evil. Nicely done though