Sunday 19 February 2012

VBCW Game in Herefordshire

Yesterday I went to a 1938: Very British Civil War (VBCW) Big Game in Herefordshire, where we staged the Battle of Ledbury.

The battle involved a coalition of anti-fascist forces united as they tried to drive off a government BUF force from occupying the town, and to prevent BUF and Royalist forces from reinforcing the BUF in Ledbury.

I played a Red Brigade from the Stourbridge Socialists, and I was fighting alongside Somerset Freedom Fighters, Canadian Anglican League and a contingent of Abyssinians. It might seem a bit odd to have Abyssinians fighting in Herefordshire, but I am reliably informed that in real life 1938, Haile Salasi was in exile in Malven, having been driven out of Abyssinia by the Italian fascist- more than enough reason to hate the fascist.

The battle was bloody. The Stourbridge Socialists took the brunt of a BUF attack, including three medium tanks, and was forced to give ground. The Brigadier was killed in the fighting. In the end the power of the BUF in Ledbury was broken, and the advance of the reinforcements was halted, forcing the government troops out of Ledbury.

You can fine even more photos and fluff on the Gentleman's Wargames Parlor. These are just a selection of the many pictures I took on the day. These are not my figures, by the way, but they are too nice not to include on my blog.

Brave Abyssinian Troops keen to fight the fascists. They were forced into a meat grinder between BUF and Royaist forces and suffered terrible losses, but managed to hold the line on the outskirts of Ledbury.

Royalist troops use experimental rocket artillery to pound Red Brigade position's on the route into the town.

Royalist propaganda teams take advantage of the battle to portray government forces in a positive light.

BUF commanders plan their advance carefully.

BUF cavalry try for outflank Socialist positions, and are wiped out by Red Brigade armoured cars.

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