Wednesday, 26 December 2012

IED for Force on Force

The ever present threat of Improvised Explosive Devices, road side bombs and booby traps have been something British and American soldiers have had to get used to in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Northern Ireland. Until recently they were fairly rare in Zugando, and the Peoples Resistance Army lacked the expertise to make anything but the simplest IED.

Recently, however there has been a worrying increase in both the numbers of IED used against the coalition and government forces, and in their sophistication. MI6 and CIA agents are investigating the possibility that an Al Qaeda trained bomb maker might be assisting the Peoples Resistance Army. Why AQ would help the neo-communist PRA remains a matter of subjection amongst the intelligence community, but they have placed a high priority on locating and eliminating this bomb maker- whoever he is.

I made these IED markers for Force on Force. They are based on a copper penny, so are quite small. They have various bits and bobs, found in my bits box: The barrels are metal ones from ebob sawn in half, while the mortar is a Games Workshop Imperial Guard one. The bin bag with the wires sticking out is made form green stuff- very simple really.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice representation, will there be dummy ones also?

Michael Awdry said...

Very simple, but very effective; great job Sir.

Smillie said...

Nice work sir.