Saturday 29 December 2012

Zugandan Aid Convoy Ready To Be Ambushed

I wanted to do a UN aid convoy as an objective for a Force on Force game set in my fictional war-torn West African Imagi-nation of Zugando. It wasn't the first time I have converted toy cars, having done them for my VBCW and my Battle Cars games, and it is something I really get a lot of pleasure from.
I began by sourcing a couple of trucks- cheep ones from Tescos and Sainsburys. These ones scale well with my 28mm figures and the other vehicals I have already painted for my Africa Campaign. 
Next I made some cargo- I used resin crates made by Ainsty, Ebob's metal barrels, some crates I had left over from another toy I dismantled and some Tamiya 1/36 scale sand bags, which at 28mm scale make nice sacks. 
I cut a piece of plasticard to fit the flat bed of the truck and glued the cargo to this prior to painting. This was so I could remove the cargo to paint it. It also means I can use the trucks empty, and use  the cargo as a piece of terrain- multi-purpose is the name of the game!

The Orange one- with cargo...

...and without.

With cargo...

...and empty

This truck scales well with my 28mm scale stuff

And the cargo can be removed and used as terrain, should the battle call for it. 
Painting was simple- spray it black and paint it. I painted in the windows to match the other vehicals in my collection  This is because the resin Toyota technicals I bought form Britannia miniatures have solid windows which have to be painted, so it makes sense if all the windows on all the vehicals match- even if it doesn't look 100% realistic. A good coat of weathering adds the final details- after all- it's dusty in Zugando, and the poor conditions of the roads means vehicals get very dirty, very quickly.


Simon Quinton said...

A Very Nice find and they paint up well. They match 28mm's perfectly though some of the scale police might have a whinge.

pulpcitizen said...

Sod the scale police - if it looks cool it works. Simon, we need to stand with Rob against any scale police incursions. :)

Great work as always; very effective and the FOF stuff you have now looks to have a lot of depth with terrain, minis and vehicles. Great stuff as ever. :)

Jay said...

Another very well done model, sir. Ditto Pulpcitizen re scale and utility. Plus "multipurpose" thinking is thrifty and creative doing!

Millsy said...

Nice work mate. I like the fact the cargo can do double duty as terrain as well.

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks for the feed back- I am glad you like them. I am rather pleased with them. There is something about painting toy cars I just love (and it's not just because they are cheap)