Friday 4 January 2013

New year Round UP

Happy New Year everyone.

Phew! 2013 is here, and I am delighted that the world hasn’t ended in some kind of Mayan-zombie-apocalypse. I am equally delighted to start 2013 by reaching the epic milestone of having 100 followers. I love to get feedback and comments from you about the things I post, and I hope that in 2013 you will continue to do so.

2012 was a busy year, hobby wise. Apart from some VBCW action, including two Big Games, I mostly played Pulp City. Leon, AKA Pulp Citizen, my regular gaming buddy, is something of a Pulp City obsessive. Last year he joined the creative team at Pulp City, so we have been play testing a lot of mad ideas for the game. It’s been a lot of fun, and jolly interesting, but in 2013 I am hoping -well insisting really- that we get to play some other thing too.

I have spent 2012 prepping armies for some new games we have never played before. It began with SpiFi chic in the form of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and with the Call of Duty inspired modern African Force on Force campaign set in the fictional country of Zugando. Later I added a finished off my Anglo-Danish and Viking force for SAGA. Zombtober added ten more zeds to my growing horde of the zom-pocalypse, which was a great success. As far as Four Colour Supers go, I have steadily added figures to my collection through the year, although not as many as I had hoped, largely due to the cost of the figures. This culminated in Super-November, when Pulp Citizen and I made a real effort to get some spandex clad supers on the blogs.

The idea of themes for the month that began with Zobtober and carried on with Super-November, with continue into 2013, although not every month. Personally I am a rather prolific painter, churning out 3-4 painted minis per week, but Pulp Citizen is something of a painting glad fly. His painting table is strewn with dozens of figures in various stages of painting that he has started, before being distracted by something new and shiny. Many of these half-finished individuals have languished in the man-cave for months (or even years!). Therefore we have decided that the ‘theme’ for January will be ‘New Year- New Broom’. I know it’s not as catchy as Zombtober, but it’s the best we can do at short notice. The idea behind NY-NB is that we will each complete something that has been hanging around, waiting to be done, for a long time. I am going to paint a Navy Seal fire team (I hate painting multicam) and a giant piece of scenery I bought at Salute but have been putting off because it will take so long.

So, apart from NY-NB, what will 2013 hold for this blog? Well, more of the same and some new stuff. Superheroes will be back at the fore, with some super-agents and henchmen planned soon. I will continue to add to my Force on Force armies, expanding the Coalition and Zugandan forces, and adding a few units of Nigerian Peacekeepers. I intend to expand my SAGA warbands to 6 pts each, and to start a Norman warband, featuring cavalry. I want to do a little gang of zombie apocalypse survivors too, ahead of zomtober 2013!

New projects will be based around two great rules I read in 2012- namely ‘Bolt Action’ and ‘Tomahawks and Muskets’. For Bolt Action I will be basing my campaign on the ‘Forgotten War’ of WW2- Burma. I am going to begin with the British Special Forces ‘Chindits’ vs. Imperial Japanese Army, but later I want to add troops from the British Indian Army for a more conventional game. Tomahawks and Muskets is a game by the same writer as SAGA and is generally well received. My campaign will feature British Army vs. French Canadians during the French and Indian Wars.

So that’s it folks! That’s the plan. It’s not much of a plan, and it will almost certainly be subject to change as the weeks roll on, but that’s what makes this hobby so much fun.

Once again, thank you to all my followers, especially those who have posted comments. Please continue to read and follow my blog in the coming year, and as always, your comments are welcome.

Happy New Year. 


Simon Quinton said...

Happy New Year, Look forward to the Burma campaign making an appearance, I always loved the Japanese themed Commando comics.

pulpcitizen said...

Zomtober 2013 is a must! :)

PMMDJ said...

Looking forward to your posts in the new year!