Saturday 12 January 2013

New Broom January- Part 1: Delta Force

My old mate Leon (AKA Pulp Citizen) , feeling the need for the additional incentive of a deadline, has asked me to do another themed month for January.  It certainly seems to motivate him to get his miniatures finished, as he can be ponderously slow and easily distracted.

 As a result we agreed that  as its a new year, we could paint something that has been hanging around on our painting tables for far too long. 

I have had these miniatures based, and sprayed, for almost a year. I painted their brothers-in-arms, but owing to the fact th
at I decided I hate painting multicam (the type of camouflage pattern used by US Special Forces) I have been putting off finishing this last fire-team for  my Force on Force army.

I will paint two more for next week, and then finish off with something MASSIVE. 


Anonymous said...

New Broom January has been working so far!

Simon Quinton said...

Sounds good gents look forward to seeing the rest of the squad and the 'Massive' thing is intriguing.