Friday 3 May 2013

Lord of the Rings: A Breelander and a Hobbit

Two quick additions to the blog: I apologize for the crummy photos by the camera/light wasn't quiet right.

Althric the Wanderer is a citizen of Bree, east of the Shire. He is an herbalist, who wanders across Breeland, and even as far as the Eastfarthing Wood. Most folk in Bree consider him a bit odd, if harmless. The shire-folk treat him with the same cautious politeness the reserve for any traveler who ventures into the shire.

Sandy Brandybank is a hobbit Border, which means he is among the sturdy band of hobbit-folk who patrol the borders of their lands on the look out for anyone, or anything trying to cause mischief. He enjoys regaling tales of the strange sights he has seen over a beer in the Green Dragon Inn after his patrol.
Althric is a Perry Miniatures Crusade Pilgrim. Sandy is a Games Workshop Hobbit. 


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on these. I love the hobbit some of my favourite LOTR Models.

Lead Legion said...

Very nice Rob. Especially like the innovative use of the Pilgrim.

Rob Bresnen said...

Thanks guys. Finding suitable civvies is a nightmare, but it's a safe bet the Perry miniatures will fit well with the GW LotR range as the Perry Twins sculpted most of the GW range (well the good ones at least)