Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hotel Zugando is Launched!

Today marks the launch of something of a divergence for Four Colour Super Minis as I have decide to start another blog dedicated to my Zugando Force on Force campaign. Hotel Zugando will contain all my African stuff along with lots of fluff and background for the campaign, links to useful websites and similar blogs, while Four Colour Super Minis will continue to offer Super Heroes and Villains mixed with a good dose of anything else that catches my eye, like zombies, spies and VBCW.

There’s a long-winded explanation of the blog over on Hotel Zugando, so I wont go into it too much here. Basically it is a chance for me to collate everything I have done for my Zugando campaign in once place. I hope it will appeal to you, and possibly attract new followers too. Fear not though, Four Colour Super Minis will continued to be updated just as frequently.

Check it out, hopefully it will float your boat. 


Anonymous said...

Cool! Good luck with the new blog and consider me following!

pulpcitizen said...

And another here!

Does the new blog launch explain all the messing around with the layout yesterday? :)

Rob Bresnen said...

Yes. I was trying to work out how to add pages to the blog so I could insert the history and background. It took me hours!