Wednesday 5 November 2014

Dead Man's Hand: Work In Progress

Just a quick mid week post to show you a work in progress pictures of a couple of dead cavalry men for Dead Man's Hand. 

Having dead bodies for you team is not really essential in Dead Man's Hand, but it is a lot of fun. Unfortunately Great Escape Games have only brought out dead bodies for a few of their gangs- and none at all for their second wave of gangs- including my favourite the Seventh Cavalry. 

So Instead I bought one of their packs and just converted them- mostly quite minor green stuff work and a bit of shaving with a scalpel, but they both needed head swaps- one is a Mordhiem warhammer head, and the other is a Mantic zombie head with a hat from a Warlord Games ECW musketeer.  I am quite please with the results, but I have to say it is only when you have a go at green stuffing you realise how talented the likes of Kev White, the Perry Twins and Paul Hicks are to be able to make something that looks like a human being out of Green Stuff!

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Jay said...

Very nice job, Sir. IMO these figures will go a long way to enhance the visual aesthetics of your games. Sweet.