Friday 8 May 2015

French and Indian Wars: Major Toby Topping-Smyth, British Army

Now I am in the mood for some more 18th century goodies here is Major Toby Topping-Smyth of the British Army, garrison commander in my fictional American settlement. Topping-Smyth is a somewhat uninspiring character who lacks the finances to buy a better commission, and has lacks the bravery to go out and earn one. Never the less, he represents the King, and and takes his duties to protect the settlers very seriously. Which is fortunate, because with the Canadians, French and Indians threatening the settlers, not to mention the pirates (see previous post), then things are about to get decidedly more challenging for the Major. Will he rise to the challenge, or be proved lacking? Time will tell. 

The figures are by Redoubt. If I can add one more NCO to my force I can field them as a garrison force in On the Seven Seas, so I will get even more use out of them. The good thing about the British Army of the period (1740 up to the AWI) is that they were going all over the globe fighting anybody. As well as the threat of the French and Indians in America, they fought the Spanish in Havana, the fought in the Indian subcontinent against the French and the other sort of Indians (Clive of India), They fought the French (again) and their allies in the Seven Year War in Europe, The fought the Scottish Jacobites in Britain and fought the French (yet again) in Africa! Busy fellows these British army chaps. 


Phil said...

Wonderful details, well done!

pulpcitizen said...

Lovely work mate. You have been incredibly productive lately - well done. :)

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice work Rob they have turned out great. Have you tried on the seven seas yet?

Rob Bresnen said...

Not yet. For some odd reason the number of figures in the starter kit is less than the number of figures you need to actually play the game, so although I have painted all of the figures in the starter box I can't play the game without buying a second box!