Wednesday 20 May 2015

Scum and Villainy: Krug the Gellpling

I haven't painted much for my Scum and Villainy collection for a long time. In case you have forgotten, it is basically my own scifi collection inspired by the residence of Mos Eisely and the worlds of Fire Fly/Serenity. There are no particular rules as to what I will include, just anything I have hanging around that I think fits in with my own vision of what the dangerous hinterlands of civilised space would be like. If you like this click on the 'Scum and Villainy' tab on the right and see some of my older figures in the collection. 

Krug is a mercenary from the planet Gellp III. Like all Gellplings he is exceptionally tough and strong, and possessed a stone-like carapace that serves him well as armour. Krug is a gun for hire and can be found adding muscle to pirate crews, scavenging expeditions or in the employ of local crime bosses. He has no morals, and is only loyal to his paymaster (and then only until someone else offers him a better deal). He is, however, very good at what he does. 

This figure was a freebie from Warlord Games at Salute last year. It is from the Gates of Antares. I have no particular desire to start a Gates of Antares force, but this figure makes a great alien mercenary for my Scum and Villainy range. 

I took this with my new Cannon S120 camera- it's wonderful for macro photography. 


Blaxkleric said...

That's a great looking mini, and a wonderful paintjob to boot. They actually look rather nice sculpts and I can see why you chose it for your 'Scum & Villainy' game. great stuff :-)

Unknown said...

Very cool looking alien dude!

pulpcitizen said...

Looks excellent. Well done. :)

I need to get of my backside and cobble together some 'alien' stuff. :)