Friday 6 May 2016

A Few Photos from Earlswood

Last weekend I managed to get a game in at my local wargaming club in Earlswood. I played Fighting Sale by Ryan Miller, and published by Osprey. It is a naval wargame- we fought an engagement between the French and British navy during the Napoleonic wars. Vlad brought along his huge armada of very tiny ships. It was great fun, even if I lost two third rate ships to Vald's shockingly fluky dice rolling. I took lost of photos of the game but unfortunately the game was not very photogenic, being fought on a big blue cloth with tiny ships.

 Elsewhere Big Al et al were fighting a battle from the American Civil War, which I had no idea who won, but looked very pretty and was far more photogenic. 

Here are some photos of both games. 


Rod said...

Maybe not as much to see as the ACW game, but it still looks neat. Tough loss on the ships!

Simon Quinton said...

Nice looking games dude.