Friday 13 May 2016

Getting Ready For Sharp Practice- Finished stuff.

Since Sharp Practice 2 came out I have been very busy with my Peninsular War Napoleonic skirmish- mostly working on the French, as well as getting my sabot magnetic bases sorted out. in the last two weeks I have painted a house, a cart and nineteen figures!

Here are some photos of what I have been working on. 

First up- a French Deployment Point Marker- Sharp Practice 2, much like Chain of Command, uses deployment markers to denote where troops arrive on the board from. I was hunting around for a suitable marker then I found these two figures- A hussar offering a cantiniere a purse of coins  in exchange for a flagon of strong ale. The Hussar is from Foundry. The cantiniere was from the same  Ebay seller who sold me the Spanish ladies. 

Next up- a French infantry Colonel form Warlord Games. 

These colourful chaps are six Voltergeurs from Perry Miniatures plastic kit. 

 And finally here is my finished house- I want to add some interior details at some point but it will do for now for Sundays game. 


Michael Awdry said...

Lovely work Rob.

Phil said...

Fabulous job, love the first vignette...

pulpcitizen said...

Nice additions to your range there. :)