Tuesday 30 August 2016

Stalingrad: New ptoject

While I wait for more tiny 15mm figures to arrive I have been finishing off another project. This one is for WW2 Stalingrad. This project sprang out of a conversation with Big Al at Earlswood Wargamming club who made the stunningly beautiful Battle of the Bulge scenery and the boards we used for Sharp Practice. Big Al said he had always fancied doing a Stalingrad board complete with cellars and so on. While we were chatting I remembered that I had about a platoon of WW" Russians from Black Tree Designs in my Lead Mountain waiting for a now aborted Winter War project (aborted when I saw the poor standard of the Finnish figures being produced by Bolt Action and Baker Company). I started to paint a few and found they were so easy to paint it was so very relaxing. I was churning out 4-5 competed figures in an evening. I have based them up with suitable ruined urban bases. I have even more on order and I plan to built it up to two complete platoons. I am not sure when Big Al plans to make his Stalingrad terrain but I know I will be ready to defend it from the Nazis when he does!

My Junior Officers

The Black Death- Soviet Sailors fighting in Stalingrad

Red Army


Simon Quinton said...

These look great! Look forward to seeing more. Especially of the the terrain!

Dai said...

Awww those are cool! Especially like your basing, subtle.

Have been playing with the idea of adding a few things to my own Soviets so they'll be able to work in a Stalingrad setting too. A regular T-34 and some Anti-tank rifles maybe.

pulpcitizen said...

Very nice work, and a dent in the lead pile - both good things. :)