Thursday 1 September 2016

Stalingrad: Platoon Support Options

Here are a few more of my Stalingrad defenders. These are the support options for my Platoon. Were would the Defenders of Stalingrad be without their snipers? And the trusted Maxim machine gun can be very motivating for reluctant raw troops, if positioned behind them to mow down anyone trying to retreat! Also I have included a flame thrower as these are something of a must in Bolt Action, especially when clearing Nazis out of ruined buildings. To finish it of I have a  medical officer and Commissar to support the platoon leader. 

Deadly Snipers Wait to Strike

Burn out those Nazis comrade!

Maxim MMG- Venerable but Reliable

Medical Officer and Commissar Political Officer


Phil said...

Wonderful close-ups on a wonderful job, they looks amazing!

pulpcitizen said...

Very nice work mate. Great little project unfolding. :)

Dai said...

Super cool - I like the posing on your prone figs. Have had a bloody time of it with my Warlord Games plastic Winter Soviets who are prone.