Friday, 23 September 2016

Dead Man's Hand Report: The Jail Break!

At Earlswood Wargaming we are lucky enough to have not one but two super talented scenery makers. As well as Big Al, whose prolific scenery building gave us the Gettysburg and Battle of The Bulge boards, we have Dave, who mas made the most amazing scenery for Dead Man's Hand. Dave's scenery began life as a pile of Laser-cut MDF buildings but they have been embellished and weathered to perfection (as you will see). Playing on Dave's beautifully made board is always rewarding, as the narrative that develops is very rich, and the photos end up looking like a museum diorama. Sit back and enjoy a Saturday western matinee.

With the dastardly bandit leader in jail the citizens of the Old West town began to relax. The Circuit Judge would be arriving at noon and was sure to hang the criminal, and that would be the end of his reign of terror. Time for the good folks to get back to normal.

The bank clerk and the butcher swap tall stories about how they took on the bandits

The saloon keeper sweeps away the broken glass and looks forward to an evening of celebration in the town. 

Old Crazy Dean the balloonist takes his balloon out for a spin. 

But what is this... the bandits are not going to let their leader swing without a fight. They are going to try a jail break! One of the villains takes the clerk hostage!

Another deranged killer rides through High Street shooting up the town, terrorising the Good Folk!

The Marshal and his deputy spring into action. 

A concerned citizen takes out the killer on the horse with both barrels of his shotgun...

but is in turn gunned down by the Mexican bandit who had been hiding in an alleyway.

Another deputy takes up position in a half built house, and takes pot shots at the bandits 

while another prepares to defend the jail house

The Mexican charges into the jail with his six shooter blazing, but miraculously hits nothing

Outside a bandit and the marshal get into a shoot out...

and the brave marshal is killed!

Inside the jail house the Mexican is gunned down by the lawmen

The last bandit tries to beat a deputy in fisty cuffs but is overpowered and arrested!

With the bandits dead, captured or driven off nothing can stop the Circuit Judge delivering a healthy does of justice to the dastardly bandit leader, and restoring Law and Order once more! Yeha!

All credit to Dave, who painted all the figures as well as making all the scenery. 


Vampifan said...

That is a superb set up. The scenery is just to die for. So justice prevails. Yeehaa!

Clint said...

You see a set up like this and it makes you want to play. Sometimes for me at least the scenery makes me want to play more than any set of rules. But if you have the scenery and the rules you have cracked it!

Da Gobbo said...

This is absolutely amazing!!

Simon Quinton said...

What a fabulous setup its all brilliant love all the corpse markers as well. I am seriously tempted to do something Westerny the Magnificent Seven movie looks brill!

Dai said...

That game was so cool to see - scenery and minis all very well put together.

The story was fun to follow too!