Monday, 12 September 2016

Peninsular War: Spanish Milita

While waiting for more figures to arrive for my Mini-hammer and Soviets I chanced upon three Spaniards who were undercoated but not yet painted, so spent an evening slapping them, with the wet end of a paint brush. This is the result.

The figures on the left and the right are from Empress Miniatures, from their New Zealand Wars range. The New Zealand Wars were a few decades after the Napoleonic War but I am not going to let that worry me too much as I managed to pick these pair up cheep as they had broken or miscast bayonets. They are carrying English kit but that works because many of the Spanish were supplied by the British. 
The figure in the middle in from Eagle Miniatures and is sporting some elements of the Spanish Regulars uniform (in this case an artilleryman). As Spanish regiments were broken in battle with the French many of the regular troops ended up drifting into service in the irregular forces, were their training and expertise were welcomed.