Thursday 8 September 2016

Pirates: Assassin and Standard Bearer

Here are two more additions to my Pirate crew, originally intended for On the Seven Seas. To be honest I think the chance of me ever playing On the Seven Seas is rather remote, so they are just painted for fun really. And because I had them based and sprayed, sat on the painting pile while I am waiting for more Russians to arrive in the post.  The first one is from North Star Military Figures and is obviously a nod towards the characters in Assassins Creed, one of my favourite games. I painted him appropriately. He has an excellent dramatic pose. 

The second figure is a standard bearer. I can't really imagine that pirates fighting on land bothered to take a Jolly Rodger standard along with theme, so this is something of a whimsy. The figure is from Redoubt and was a left over from my French and Indian Wars British. The originally had a halberd in his hand, so was a rather simple conversion. 


pulpcitizen said...

Nicely done; I especially like the assassin. :)

Da Gobbo said...

Love the assassin, which subgroup did he come from on the website?

Rob Bresnen said...

I think he was in the fantasy world section but I can't find him now so he may be out of production. You can always phone Northstar and ask...they are very helpful.