Monday 28 December 2009

Hello and welcome to the post-Christmas stupor. I am fully recovered from too much Polish Vodka and good food, and have completed my course of cold turkey (groan...bad pun). I was very lucky that Santa brought me a nice new digital camera with a Super Macro function, meaning I should get better pictures for my Blog. I haven't read the manual yet but I had a little play with it and it looks very impressive. I will post some pics later of some of the super-stuff I have been working on alongside the Christmas Madness.
I would like to say 'howdy' to my new follower- seven followers is very exciting, and a great complement. I hope you will spread the word, and that you will like what I have got planed to 2010.
Also I would like to welcome Leonmallett to the Blogosphere (I believe that is the technical term, but I am not very up on the jargon), as he has launched his own blog dedicated to Pulp City, a skirmish level super hero game I reviewed earlier. Leon has been a gaming partner of mine for over twenty years. He is responsible for my interests in all manor super hero games, and has always been an advocate for all things Super heroic. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books, writers, miniature designers and so forth- I usually direct any questions about super hero stuff to him. His blog is called Pulp Citizen, and features some very nicely painted and photographed minis from the Pulp City ranges, as well as some very interesting and useful information about web based scenery makers and so forth. Please check him out. Oh yeah- he's also the same Leon who kindly supplies me with his spare lead so that I can bolster my ever growing pile of unpainted minis.

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