Friday 23 April 2010

I realise that it has been a long time since I blogged anything, but I have been very busy with the things that get in the way of blogging: holidays, trips to hospital, work and grocery shopping. You I have also been very buys with the Lead Painters League competition. I have just dispatched my finally entry, an odd collection of Steampunk/Victorian Scifi figures and vehicles, including a scratch built stream tank.
It's a relief to get it over with, as it had been a long haul, but I have really enjoyed it, and I have painted a large number of figures (41 and two vehicles) that I otherwise wouldn't have got round to for some time, if ever. Over all, I think it was a positive experience.

For round 8 of the LPL, I was forced to 'cheat' a little, and posted some more of the Pulp figures I painted a while back. This bought me more time to work on my superhero team for round 9. This lot are a motley collection of spies, femme fatale and dastardly henchmen. The majority of the figures are from Artizan Designs, one of my favorite companies, but the ravishing redhead is by Pulp Figures, a Canadian company who have a wonderful range of pulp era figures that is always expanding.
The superhero team will be unveiled individual of the next week or so- with better pictures than on the LPL site (Again I struggled to get a good picture). The Team has a tight 'uniform' look, similar to X-men or Fantastic Four. I think that visually this makes them work better together, something that my super villains were lacking.
Leon and I are off to Salute 2010 in London tomorrow. I have got to get up at 0520 to get the train. Salute is the largest Wargamming Expo in the UK, and just about everybody is going to be there. This is my first year, and I have a long shopping list of things I am after.

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