Thursday, 29 April 2010

Regular gaming buddy Leon and I went to Salute 2010 last weekend, in London. Salute is the biggest war gaming exhibition in England. This was the first time we have been ,and I have to say I had an excellent day. I spent a LOT of money on figures, and had a great day. Leon was pleased to get to meet the creative force behind the excellent Pulp City superhero skirmish game, while I was content to engage in a lot of 'retail therapy', adding 74 figures and 3 buildings to my growing pile of unpainted stuff. Amongst the seemingly random collection of figures I bought were some Hasslefree Mutants (great for supers), some GZG spaceships (don't know why, but I have always liked them since I saw them at the Birmingham's Games Expo last year), a lost of 1930's figures for my new project (A Very British Civil War- I will discuss this in more depth in a future blog), some cowboy buildings, and a Mexican to lead my posse of banditos, some 'Grey' aliens, some deep ones (for Conan? Or perhaps for Supers- haven't decided yet).
We saw lots of nice gaming tables, and I did take a few picture, for inspiration. Here's a couple of my favorites.
A lovely 20mm scale WW2 Poland board, featuring Germans vs Poles. I really like the buildings and all the trees. Not too many to make gaming difficult, but enough to make the battlefield look natural.

The insanity of using Lego Star Wars instead of the more traditional 'lead soldiers'. It has it's pros and cons. Pros- it looks good, its fun and you don't have to paint them. Cons- You really can't get around the fact that you playing with toy soldiers. Any pretence that this is some kind of intellectual exercise, or that its a 'grown up' hobby, just don't stand up to accusations of "Your playing with Lego!"

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