Sunday 25 July 2010

These two chaps of advisors for my Liverpudlian Socialist army for 1938: A Very British Civil War aka VBCW (If this means nothing too you yet scroll down for a more detailed expansion of what VBCW is all about).
The strapping Johnny Foreigner on the left is an advisor from the Russian army, Commissar Boris Lavrov. Although the Soviets are keen to maintain the image they are not getting embroiled it the British civil war, they are already supplying the Liverpool based soviets with weapons, training and even three tanks. Lavrov's task is to help train the officers of the Socialist army.
The older gent is the distinguished political thinker, and left wing activist professor Ernest Ramsbottom. When the civil war erupted, Ramsbottom left the relative safety of his Essex home to join with his socialist comrades in Liverpool. The old professor is not much of a fighter, but is towering intellect and his academic authority have been recognised by the leadership of the Liverpool Socialists, and they are glad to have him aboard.

Both these excellent figures are from Artizan Designs Trilling Tales range, probably one of the best rangers of VBCW-type figures around. They are a great pleasure to paint.

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