Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Two more cowboys for the Legends of the Old west. The first is Handsome George, pugilist, and reputed to be the 'Fastest Fists in the West'. He arrived in Deadhorse a month ago, and has already made a name for his himself, both as an expert boxer and as a ladies man. His good looks, muscular physique an supreme confidence make him popular with the saloon girls.
Tombs has been a lawman in Deadhorse for just six weeks, and in that time he has had to kill two men. A baptism of fire for sure, but with the unruly cow drovers stirring up a hornets nest of trouble in the remote frontier town, it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. If Tombs survives the next few months he might have the making of a good lawman. Handsome George is a Eureka miniature, available from Fighting 15 in the UK. He is actually one of their dashing Victorian gentlemen, in a state of undress, but I thought hi pose, and his lack of weaponry made him excellent as a pugilist. In LotOW, pugilist are hired guns (or should that be fists?) with exceptional hand to hand abilities. It just remains to be seen if he can brave the guns of the enemy to get close enough to beat the pulp out of them.
Tombs is another Artizan Designs mini. I like their old west range; most of my minis are theirs. They are nice to pain and look great on the table top.

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pulpcitizen said...

I look forwrds to our next LotOW game - still can't see an obvious place for the pugilist in any posse, especially as mine had those early losses.