Sunday 10 April 2011

Evil Clowns!

Every villain needs henchmen. That is just one of those facts of life. They are going to need some nameless lackey to do their leg work: robbing computer components; engaging in theft to finance the villains operation; building and maning their secret lair, and obviously battling superheroes (or at least just long enough for the villain to make his escape).

All that most henchmen need, by way of a return, is access to high-tech military hardware, and a snazzy uniform. Some villains go for jump-suited thugs, others for robbed cultists. Only the deeply disturbed villain goes for the one thing almost guaranteed to strike terror into the hearts of good and honest people: Evil Clowns!

These Evil Clowns have been given access to some serous hardware, in the hopes they might soften up the heroes enough for their boss to take them out. These minis are made by Black Cat Bases, and I painted them for the Lead Painters League competition.

I was acutely aware that I have been blogging a lot about VBCW of late, and so thought to readdress the issue by doing tome thugs and henchmen.

I am very scared of clowns, and thought that painting these fellows might be in some way cathartic, but alas, as these are clearly evil clowns, it has only served to reinforce my previous stereotypical ideas of evil clowns.

It was something of a relief to paint bright primary colours since most of the things I have been paining of late have been drab camouflage green or muted 1930's colours.


Paul´s Bods said...

:-D I really like clowns..and I really like what you´ve done with these guys. great colours!

Deserter said...

I agree on the colours - these look awesome! I love that they're still so bright, even as villains :)

Just nominated your blog for a Stylish Blogger Award :) check out the most recent post on my blog.