Wednesday 27 April 2011

Shield Wall

No posts for the last couple of weeks because I have been enjoying the sunny climate of Orlando, FL, and the general madness of Disney. I have, however, continued to post entries in the Lead Painters League, having been painting like a furious monkey prior to going away. Week six saw me post something a little different, namely a dark ages shield wall. I am not generally a player of historical war games (VBCW being something of a exception, because it is part-fictional and part fact based) but I really enjoyed an article in Wargames Illustrated which described making a scenic base for you figures, and fancied giving it a go. I love the Gripping Beast Saxons, and as I am a big fan of Bernard Cornwall's Warlord Chronicles trilogy, I thought why not?

I know me old pal Leon was a bit suspicious of the Saxons. Perhaps it's because he's half Finish, so there for something of a Viking himself, or perhaps he thinks I will be lured away to the dark side of historical wargaming. Anyway, he needn't worry, because although I enjoyed painting these guys, I think I have got it out of my system, for now at least.

I have painted them to represent a mixture of Pagan and early Christan Britons, circa 5-6th century (the so called Age of Arthur). I know they might not be historically accurate, but I don't care that much. I based them individually on the usual 20mm bases, but then made a scenic tray 11cm x 6cm, which is an odd size, but happens to be the size of the unit bases in Games Workshops War of the Rings. I figured if I ever get round to painting up more I could use that rules set, and it has the added advantage of giving me loads of room to artistically pose my miniatures on the base.

Anyway, I hope you like them. I really enjoyed making and painting them.


pulpcitizen said...

Quick! Step away from the dark side of historicals - your gaming soul is imperilled!

Smillie said...

Nice work.