Thursday 7 April 2011

Manchester Regiment

The Very British Civil war of 1938, like all civil wars, turned brother against brother. This was also true of the regular and territorial army, which, torn between loyalties to the people of Britain and to an unpopular King and a fascist government, found itself split between the various factions.
By an large, the Royal Navy sided with the left wing militias of the dock yards, where as the RAF tended to side with the Royalist factions supporting King Edward. The army, however, found itself torn apart. In Liverpool, the King's Own Liverpool Regiment was ordered to shoot on anti-fascist protesters who refused to disperse. The officers refused to follow out the order, and soon the majority of the regiment was in full mutiny, and sided with the socalist mayor of Liverpool. This act lead directly to the formation of the Liverpool Free State.

The Manchester Regiment, however, remained loyal to the crown, despite misgivings about the fascist Prime Minister and his black-shirt BUF paramilitaries. The Manchesters now fight as part of the 'Northern Army Command'. They are currently on the front lines of the siege of Liverpool, or acting as flying columns maintaining the supply lines between Manchester and the troops fighting in merseyside and Cheshire.

Two companies of Manchesters have been garrisoned in Chester, and placed under the command of the Duke of Farnham. The represent the solid backbone of the defence of Chaster, and when the time comes, will be ready to take the fight to the Liverpool Free State.
These models are the plastic Tommy's produced by Bolt Action Miniatures/Warlord Games. They are nice models, with interesting and characterful faces. I converted a few to have their respirators in the 'ready position' to make them look a bit more early-war.

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