Monday 30 April 2012

Dreadfleet Ship: The Swordfysh

This is the first of my Dreadfleet Ships, the Swordfysh, as captained by Mannan's favoured pirate Aranessa Saltsite. 

Dreadfleet is a wargame/board-game made by Games Workshop. I picked a copy up at Salute 2012. I was thinking of painting them up for the last round of the Lead Painters League, but each one has taken me 2-3 hours, so I thought better of it. They are lovely models, and are fun to paint, if a little fiddly.
There are ten ships in the game- five pirates (the good guys) and five evil monster ships. There is lots of islands ans sea monsters too. Pretty cool!


Doctor Warlock said...

Two to Three hours! I DREAM of being that fast LoL!

Modest Miniatures said...

That is a stunning job for only 2-3 hours, it took me weeks to do mine and they didn't look anything like that good! You're right though, they're a bit fiddly but look great.

Lead Legion said...

Very nice.

pulpcitizen said...

Looks very nice - now hurry up and paint the rest so we can play soon! :)

Simon Quinton said...

Very nicely done. When I saw GW releasing this game I half thought yay Man O war is back! But sadly not the way I envisaged it to be. They are great ships but I was hoping to be able to field fleets.

Anonymous said...

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