Wednesday 18 April 2012

Warlord for my SAGA force

While it has been a long time in the creation, I have finally finished my Warlord and his Huscarls for my SAGA Anglo-Danish force, meaning I now have a small force of hairy men.
I bought the Gripping Beasts at the Wolverhampton Show last year without any real plans to use them for anything in particular. When the nice (if slightly odd) folks at Gripping Beasts brought out their new SAGA rule I knew I had to have a warband-two actually, as I am starting my Viking one next.
SAGA's rather elegent points based system lets me field either 4 Huscarls, 8 Warriors or 12 Levey for each point. I have a four point warband (4-8 points per side is recommend) consisting of my warlord, Four Huscarls with Dane Axes, Four Huscales with swords, and Two bands of eight Warrioirs with spears.

Here is my Anglo-Danish warlord and the Huscarls with dane axes. The horn blower is my West Wind, but the other figures are by Gripping Beasts. To my my warlord stand out a bit I have mounted him onto a 40mm square base with a horn blower/spear carrier as a companion. The horn blower will not add anything to the game, but looks cool. I am going to do the same for my viking warlord too.
These were my Lead Painters League entry for the last round- I didn't win, but I didn't do badly.


Michael Awdry said...

oh I say, they are a bit good. Great painting on these.

Jay said...

Really nice painted figures! Maybe the horn blower is drinking a yard of ale to bolster his courage.