Friday 20 April 2012

Fish Folk Hench Men

Lurking in the depths of the sea, inland waterways and even sewers, the Fish Folk, as they are often known, are said to serve their dark masters and prey on unsuspecting humans. No one knows where they came from- perhaps they are alien, or demonic? Mutants or the result of some vile experiment?
Recently the Fish Folk have got more bold in their attacks, and the rumor persist that they have got a new king, who is said to come from the 'Dry World'. The identity of this messianic figure is as yet, unknown, but the Superheroes are doing all they can to stop the Fish Folk and find out the villains true identity!

I have been acutely conscious for some time at the lack of 'Four Colour' content in the blog. My African stuff, and the Lead Painters League have been taking up so much of my painting and modeling time that I have been slacking on the four colour front. I decided to rectify this, at least in a small way, by slapping some paint on these chaps.
I opted for a nice Kermit the Frog green as I thought it would make them look a bit more 'four colour' and a bit less CoC. These figures are Deep Ones made by Black Cat Bases, but I think that they are great for Supers, for SciFi aliens, or even for Conanesque demons- a very versatile figure really. As all way my resin bases are by Fenris Games and are available on eBay.
I see these guys being used as henchmen for any aquatic villain in my supers campaign. In Pulp City they will be slaves for the aquatic alien race known as the Ulthar.


Jay said...

I like your Amphibian Antagonists! Sounds like you might some deep cogitations fermenting in your imagination which might make a fine tale or two.

tradgardmastare said...

Frogtastic figures foreshadowing fun that will not finish...