Thursday, 16 August 2012

Land Shark

No one knows the origins of the fearsome Land Shark. There are those who maintain that the vile supervillain is a mutant, while others claim he is the embodiment of a hunger spirit, or even a were-shark. One thing is certain: there are few opponents more vicious or deadly in a fight.
The Land Shark is no evil master mind- he is content to hire out his particular talents to the highest bidder. He seems unmoved by remorse or compassion- caring only when and where his next meal is.
  As well as typical feral abilities- enhanced speed, strength and reflexes- Land Shark has demonstrated an uncanny knack of sensing his prey’s weaknesses. He has also shown that he is all but impossible to kill. He can recover from even the most life threatening injuries in just a few hours so long as he can feed on fresh meet- the fresher the better!

I have been conscious that the blog has had a distinct lack of ‘Four Colour’ superheroes this year. This is largely because my paining time has been split between my modern African stuff and my Kiss Kiss Bang Bang project. This has been compounded by a lack of cash, which has restricted my ability to buy more miniatures. I love the Reaper Chronoscope and Pulp City but the minis are expensive, and when it comes down to buying a single mini for £6 for a blister pack of 4 Africans for the same price it becomes hard to justify the expense. 
This mini has been kicking around in a ‘to do’ pile since my old mucka Leon (Pulp Citizen) gave me it- he doesn't like minis with integral bases. I dusted it off and based it on a resin base by Fenris Games. I have no idea who made it, but it’s characterful enough to fit in with my Four Colour Supers campaign. 


styx said...

Welcome back to the super side! I buy my Reaper figures discount at Miniature Giant on average, here in the US shippping is free over $25, they give you a code for a free $2.50 off (a free mini pretty much or a discount on a larger one) plus they discount up to 26%. Not sure how international shippping is, but it is the best price. What is cool is you can give them the email of another member of miniature giant and you both get credit for the other's purchases and get bonus bucks to spend on product.

Sometimes you find a good deal on Amazon but you have to watch the shipping also.

Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done mate. Now the feeling about cash this year. Sold nearly all my 40K stuff to fund my Empire of the Dead project

Andy said...

What you have there is a Piranha Man of the Amazon.

Rob Bresnen said...

Ah yes- Well done Andy. By Westwind games!

Thanks for the commenest guys. Always welcome.

pulpcitizen said...

Glad it went to good use. :)

Unknown said...

Looks great!