Wednesday 29 August 2012

Scum and Villainy (Part 4) Two More SciFi Rogues

In the shady parts of the galaxy, like seedy bars and dark ally ways, there are always those men who survive by their own wits, who use their skill and skulduggery to earn a credit or two.
Handle Rex and Emilio Smith are good examples of just such men.

Handle Rex is a ruffian and a thief. He has a reputation for getting the job done; wither that is steeling a cargo ship or collecting an unpaid debt. Working as a freelancer, he has hired himself out to a number of criminal organisations that find his particular skill set an asset to their operations. 

Emilio Smith is a drifter and a gambler, who is often found frequenting the drinking holes and chance-dens on the outer rim worlds. He is quick witted, but is equally quick with his gold plated pistol, and many a fool who has mistaken him for some over -dressed dandy, has found that was the last mistake they made.

I was rummaging around in a box of old figures, looking for something to paint for the blog, when I came across a few likely candidates for my scifi campaign. The theme for my campaign is ‘Scum and Villainy’ and is inspired by the many oddball residents of Mos Eisley, and of the scifi/western setting of Firefly and Serenity.

Handle Rex is a Games Workshop Necromunda gang member, and Emilio Smith is a cowboy form Artizan Designs. I have already painted on of these cowboys for my western campaign, and rather than convert him or paint a duplicate, I thought I would rebase him and use him for my scifi collection. As usual the bases are resin and made by Fenris Games. 


Simon Quinton said...

Great Idea and lovely paint jobs on them both.

I was only thinking this afternoon about how to use/convert a bunch of these to use in a post apocalyptic setting

Jay said...

Nice work again.

Michael Awdry said...

What a wonderful hybrid of an idea and great looking miniatures too.

PapaSpanky said...

Nice mix of models, they look good together.