Friday, 24 August 2012

VBCW Supply Train

Sometimes you just can’t beet the old ways.

In 1938: A Very British Civil War, the conflict has enveloped the whole of the United Kingdom (and a good number of the colonies too) and so inevitable there are shortages in supplies. During the Siege of Liverpool, one of the critical shortages came from not having enough petrol. Various innovative solutions were tried, including stream power, gas and even sail power, but none of them could compare with the use of mules, donkeys and horses to shift men and equipment around.
This picture shows a muleteer leading a train of five mules, carrying supplies to the fornt line of the siege. Such a site had become commonplace all over the country, on both all sides of the conflict.

I am not sure who makes these models, but I have got a feeling it was Tiger Miniatures. The Muleteer is by Gripping Beasts.  I picked the pack mules up at the Wolverhampton Show a couple of years ago, and finally got round to painting them. Obviously they will fit in to my VBCW world, and could be used as an objective or something. I could also use them if I ever do a WW1 or a Chindits campaign, as they are generic enough for many different settings.  


Michael Awdry said...

Nicely done, as you say, the ubiquitous mule can be used pretty much anywhere.

Simon Quinton said...

Very nice. They look great

styx said...

Nice! I love detail!

Flags of War said...

Great work and also a great idea. I might use it myself as it can be used for many periods.