Monday 29 October 2012

Big Game 5 for VBCW

It’s been a massive Very British Civil War-Fest for me this weekend with Evesham hosting the Big Game 5 (BG5) at Gripping Beast’s own workshop (the fabled Beast Towers).  A whole week end of immersing myself in the VBCW nonsense, with other like minded individuals, while we battle it out to save Somerset form the dastardly machinations of the Anglican Bishop of Bath and Wells. 
Here’s a few pictures. There are lots more over on the VBCW forum in the Gentleman’sWargaming Parlour. Leon even managed to persuade his misses to let him out for the day to join in the fun. 

A Polish Tankette deployed by the BUF- Nippy and durable. 

The BUF's terrifying secret weapon- Sheep Bombs!

 BUF Medical and Nursing Corps dealing with the wounded. 

Italian Troops employed by the Catholic land owners who support the King fought well. They took heavy casualties.

Italian officers pour over the maps. Some confusion seems to have arisen because the Italian's maps were out of date. 


Jay said...

Very interesting scenery, characters, vehicles, and bldgs. The explosive-sheep are genius! Sheep running amuck [if the rules allow such a movement] should test the handler's metal to the maximum.

tradgardmastare said...

Spffing figures sir!

Michael Awdry said...

Fabulous Sir, just love those sheep!

JP said...

Great stuff! Gutted that I couldn't make it!