Sunday 14 October 2012

Zomtober 2- The Dead Return!

For me Zomtober continues with three more zeds. This brings my total to five, which obviously was the target for the entire month. Rest assured, however, as I will continue to plod on with these, seeing how many more I can get through in during Zomtober. Ten would be great!

Other Bloggers attempting the Zombtober challenge are doing equally well. Brummie, despite having no zombies ready to paint, has managed to clock up an impressive eight survivors! Notoriously slothful painter Leon (A.K.A Pulp Citizen) has finished three zeds in two weeks, which must be some kind of a record. Finally Adam, over on his Miniatures, Painting and Hobbies blog increased the undead population of Havensburg 16 with a zombie bride.

My three consisted of two Studio Miniatures and one plastic Zombie Vixen by Wargames Factory. When the Zombie Vixen box arrived I was initially a bit disappointed and concerned that the detailing was soft- I am used to Games Workshop, Warlord Games and even Gripping Beasts, who produce well cast and sharply details plastics that rival their metal ranges. Considering that Wargames Factory specialise in plastics, I would have expected a higher standard. However the figures have a good variety of components and bodies, meaning they can be assembled in a variety of different poses. They go together well, and scale well with my other zombies, including the Studio Miniatures. They are also very inexpensive, costing about 52p each, as opposed to £2.25 for Studio Miniatures, so perhaps a little bit of soft detail can be forgiven. They are also a million times better that the male zombies Wargames Factory brought out a few years ago.

First off: a zombie chambermaid. The poor thing has lost her nose and has had a few bites and scratches on her arms and legs, but otherwise she is fairly intact. This figure is assembled from the Zombie Vixens kit.

Next: This zombie is in an advanced state of decomposition. Presumably he has been shuffling around like this for quite a while. His green shirt and grey trousers have been reduced to tattered rags.

Finally: This unfortunate street kid, in his baggy jeans and tee shirt, has succumb to the wounds inflicted during a zombie attack. He has had a big bite taken out of his neck and has had one of his hands chewed off. Not nice.

Keep up the good work fellow Zombie Bloggers. 


pulpcitizen said...

I was getting worried when i saw I had posted mine forst!

Great stuff here mate, and the collective horde continues to grow. :)

Simon Quinton said...

Great work mate, Sadly Zomtober has been epic fail so far in the zombie stakes. Have chased my zed order this morning and its sometime this week #sigh# again.