Saturday 6 October 2012

Arrgh! Zombies! (Zomtober Week One)

The zombie horde always begins with just one or two walkers, just stumbling around. If your not careful it quickly escalates as the irmoaning attracts others. Before to long you will be over run by an army of ravenous walking dead!

Week on of Zomtober has been a good week, despite being very busy with real life stuff. I have managed to complete two zeds. I have also received, via Ebay, a pack of Wargames Factory’s Zombie Vixens, and have managed to put a few of those together too. I will paint those up and review them, all in good time. 

In addition to the Osombie movie I reviewed last week I have been watching Walking Dead series 1 again, listening to “I’m Alive: A Story of Survival” from Zombie Podcast and playing a lot of Zombiecide. This has no doubt effected my judgment and taste, and consequently I have painting these two a lot more gruesome that my previous zombies. I have, however, stuck to the green zombie flesh, as I still love the old-school zombie films.

My first Zombtober walker is this poor, unfortunate librarian. Too slow to escape the zombie attack, she has lost an arm. However, judging by the blood stains around her mouth she looks like she has been gorging herself on the flesh of another victim too.

“Sshh! This is a library!”

My second zombie was obviously better prepared for the outbreak, as he has a handgun. Not that it did him much good because he still had most of his face chewed off. That’s his eyeball hanging down his cheek.

Both these zombies are by Studio Miniatures, and the bases are from Fenris games. 


Anonymous said...

Very good mate. The pressure is on me tomorrow then!

Simon Quinton said...

Superb mate, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive at the store, have done some survivors though!