Sunday 30 September 2012

Zomtober Begins!

This month I have decided, in collaboration with my good pal Leon- AKA Pulp Citizen, that October shall hence forth be known as Zomtober. 

"What madness is this?" I hear you scream: Well basically I like zombies, and so does Mr Pulp Citizen, but we are both really bad at finishing projects as we are easily lead astray by shiny things. So we figured that the best way to get things rolling is to set a dead line (excuse the pun) and to use our respective blogs to make sure we stick to them. 
We're not going over the top- these no point in over doing it and getting Zombie Fatigue Syndrome. We will each paint at least five zombies during October. If that is all we manage, then at least we will have ten more zombies in our combined horde, but I hope we can manage a few more, and perhaps a few survivors too.
I have ordered a pack of Studio miniatures zombies, and have them based up ready to go. I have also ordered Wargames Factory's Zombie Vixens, but they have yet to arrive. 
I invite anyone else who reads this blog to join in Zomtober if you like. It might help you get over a painting slump (Brummie?) or else give you an incentive to get some half finished projects completed. Let me know if you are going to join in with the madness that is Zomtober and I will link to you blogs. 

Here's a link to Pulp Citizen's Eclectic Gentleman's Tabletop Gamer Blog were you can track his progress too. 


Simon Quinton said...

I do need to get some zeds hmm? I do have plenty of Zombie Survivors in the post to me en route. Could be that I'll get ten survivors done by the end of Zombtober.

13 Sleeps until Season 3 starts!

Michael Awdry said...

Best of luck chaps; nothing like a bit of mutual support to get the project done.

Rob Bresnen said...

Yah! Go for it. I look forward to seeing the Brummie Zombie horde develop during Zomtober.

pulpcitizen said...

Join on in Brummie! Let Zomtober truly begin!

MrLee said...

Very cool idea, and great to get more of the community involved! Might have to dig out some of my Doom boardgame zombies and give them a once over!

Simon Quinton said...

Just got in touch with my local store to get me a pack of Copplestone FW Zeds for me. So count me in.

I'm holding out on plastics at the moment as I want to see what the Studio ones turn out like.

Rob Bresnen said...

Cool- Glad to hear it. I painted those FW ones a while ago- The ones with the guy in y-fronts? Very cool minis.

I am glad your on board.

Weird WWII said...

I'll call ya and throw down a Weird WWII zed buffet for ya. Swing by the ol' Weird WWII blog and see the horrors of war get even worst when they come back around for seconds.