Thursday 13 September 2012

BUF TK-3 Tankettes Ready for Action!

Captain Webster, (commander of the Manchester BUF Battalion sent to Chester to bolster the defences) is now rather pleased with himself, as he has managed to acquire, through semi-official channels, a pair of Polish TK-3 Tankettes.
These nippy little armoured vehicles have an improved version of the British Carden Lloyd chassis, 10mm of armour, and a 7.92mm Hotchkiss machine gun. They won’t stand up to a tank, but Webster is very keen to see how they perform against the lightly equipped Wirral Socialist Workers Militia. He is hoping that it will prove and effective counter to the deadly firepower and manoeuvrability of the socialist dreaded Trachankas
Quite how they ended up in Britain is a bit of a mystery- shady deals between the right wing members of the polish government and the BUF seem most likely. Webster himself had to pull some strings and call in some major favours to have them sent to Chester under his command. The Duke of Farmham, the royalist commander of the Chester Defence Force, and nominally Webster’s CO, is reportedly spitting feathers that the BUF have managed to acquire Armoured Fighting Vehicles. The duke’s dream of establishing a fully mechanised battalion has yet to be realised.

These lovely little tankettes are made but Black Tree Designs and are just lovely models. As always, I have found Black Tree to provide excellent customer service, despite the many nay-sayers. Even better, I managed to pick these up in one of their 50% off sales- so I picked up both TS-3s for £11! Better than a poke in the eye. They are cast in metal, not resin, and are satisfyingly heavy when I plonk them on the table. They came with minimal flash and went together perfectly- rare for metal vehicles, in my experience. I would heartily recommend these TK-3s.  

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pulpcitizen said...

Does not matter what Captain Webster acquires, Juan Caballero will still be victorious.

And likely have his way with the Captain's wife...