Thursday 27 September 2012

Scum and Villainy: (Part 5) Scavangers

Since the destruction of Terra humanity has been scattered through the depths of space, surviving in colonies, refugee fleets or on the peripheries of the galaxies other societies. One of the traits that make humanity such an enduring race is the way they can adapt rapidly to changes in circumstances, find niches and start to thrive. Harrison Huck is an example of such a man.
Huck grew up an orphan in the Hope refugee fleet, but found distinction as the owner-captain of a scavenger ship named Pretty Girl. The Pretty Girl is an old decommissioned asteroid mining vessel Huck found in a scrap yard. He and his motley crew now ply the shipways, searching for space junk, worn out satellites and shipwrecks to strip and salvage. Their activity is only semi-legal, and many take exception to what they see as grave robbing, but Huck knows he can rely on Pretty Girl to get him out of a tight spot. She may look like a pile of junk roughly welded together, but the thick armour of an asteroid ship, coupled with a few surprise weapons Huck has scavenged over the years, means Pretty Girl is far from defenceless.
Harrison Huck- a born survivor!
Huck’s first mate is Catha Ray’al, or Cat for short. She is an Illtahi, a race of shape shifters. The Illtahi are universally despised for being untrustworthy and devious, but Cat seems to be something of an exception. After Huck rescued her from a Callian slaver she has been his loyal companion, and his enforcer. Her quick reflexes and the natural paranoia of the Illtahi have saved Huck’s life more than once.
Cat the shape-shifter

Huck is a Games Workshop Tank Crew. I love his helmet and shifty look- he just looks like a scavenger! I am not sure who makes Cat- I got her of my mate Leon, so perhaps he can enlighten me. I like her because she is clearly morphing her hand into some sort of spiky weapons- a pretty cool look.


Simon Quinton said...

Nicely done. I quite like all the GW tank crew they are a nice set. Classic figures. No idea about the second one either but I agree its a cool pose.

styx said...

Great work. The shifter I don't know who makes it either but could make for a cool super hero/villain as well.

Jay said...

You've drafted a fine man in Huck. The painting is sweet, and the base is perfect for this guy. I'd love to shrink him down to 15mm!

Lead Legion said...

Very nice. Huck in 15mm would be a must have item.

pulpcitizen said...

I think the unidentified mini is from the Battleground game; it was a tabletop minis game that tied into White Wolf's Trinity / Aberrant / Adventure rpg timeline.

I am going to guess that the sculptor is maybe Bob Naismith who did much of the Superfigs range.