Saturday 29 September 2012

Osombie Review

I have just finished watching a great new movie I bought from Tescos this week- I thought I would share it with you guys. 

The film is Osombie, and it’s a straight to DVD Zombie movie (my favourite sort of zombie move!). The plot follows a team of Special Ops as they attempt to contain a zombie outbreak in Afganistan. Bin Laden is not dead, at least not properly; as he infected himself with the zombie virus just before he was killed by the navy SEALs, and is now back from his watery grave. Meanwhile the Taliban are using the zombie contagion to create an army of infected terrorist- the suicide bomber that can kill over and over again!

I bought this movie thinking it was a comedy- it certainly looks it from the cover, but it turns out it is quite serious- a little tongue in cheek perhaps, as most zombie movies are. It’s a good movie, and I really enjoyed it. It’s well plotted, with fairly good acting and script. The special effects are not bad, for a strait to DVD movie, and the zombie make-up is quite gruesome. OK, so it might not bring  anything stunningly original to the genre, but its a cracking way to spend a couple of hours. And it was only £7 in Tescos. 

The best bit, as far as I am concerned was Danielle Chuchran as ‘Tomboy’, one of the Special Forces soldiers. I have never seen her in any other films, and she is very nice indeed! A little bit too much mascara for a Special Ops solder operating behind enemy lines perhaps, but I am not complaining.


Osombie gave me plenty of inspiration for wargaming- Special ops vs. Zombies- you know it makes sence. All I need now is a company making 28mm Taliban zombies. I am off to goggle it straight away. 


Lead Legion said...

Thanks Rob. This actually sounds quite good!

Simon Quinton said...

Sweet I meant to try and get this and forgot. Who cares about mascara its a zombie movie!

Michael Awdry said...

So wrong it has to be good! will definitely have to try and smuggling this into the weekly shop!