Wednesday 14 November 2012

Super-November 2: Jet Stream 2012 (Retro Styling)

 In early 2009 I added a superhero called Jet Stream to the blog. I always like the idea of a pop-princes superhero, and Super-November has given me a chance to go back and revisit the character, with a new model and an ultra cool 50’s retro styling.

 The original text for Jet Stream’s 2009 blog entry read, “ This is Jet Stream, the latest hot thing to hit the super world. The media are in a frenzy trying to get pictures and gossip on this teen idol, and she is certainly not shy of the limelight. She has a jet pack that her Daddy had made, and wields a pair of heavily modified Colts with awesome accuracy.”

This Jet Stream model is the same spoilt rich girl a few years on. She has gained some experience, and in many ways has become tougher. She is still, however, the darling of the fashion press, and her stylish retro look for Autumn Winter 2012 has been heralded as ‘trend forming’ by the fashionistas.

The original 2009 Version of Jet Stream, from the early days of this blog.

Amazingly, this new figure is by a different sculptor and even by a different company, and yet it is perfect as an up to date version as she has the same equipment and a similar hairstyle as the 2009 version. The new Jet Stream is by Reaper in their Chronosope range. The original Jet Stream is by Haslssefree Miniature, although I altered it slightly by repositioning the head and adding a jetpack. 


Unknown said...

Great looking mini and painting

styx said...

Great work!

pulpcitizen said...

Great stuff as usual; and the first 'character growth' super there?

Vampifan said...

Both figures look superb.

Simon Quinton said...

Both figures look superb. Love the Hasslefree Conversion especially.